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Proxes R1R

From the track to the road, this extreme high performance tyre from the Proxes tyre range, offers performance at the highest level. With unparalleled performance suited to the highways of Malaysia, the Toyo Proxes R1R will satisfy the Malaysian sport oriented drivers' quest for high performance tyres for their high performance cars.

Toyo Proxes R1R's advanced casing design provides excellent handling performance on both street and track. Our on-track experience helped develop a high-grip compound that still achieves a 140 UTQG treadwear rating.

Our proprietary computer aided pattern design software allowed us the freedom to create its aggressive looks, excellent aquaplaning resistance while remaining quiet.

Toyo Proxes R1R is an uncompromising extreme performance tyre of highest quality, designed specifically for grip, handling and precision steering.


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Features and benefits

Silica-Reinforced, High-Grip Tread Compound
Improves grip for better handling and performance during high-spirited driving.
Unidirectional Arrowhead Tread Design
Shallow grooves and a unidirectional pattern achieve balanced performance between wet and dry conditions.
Tapered Center Block Edge
Stabilizes center block movement to decrease irregular wear. Helps to increase hydroplaning resistance.
Multi-Width EVAC Channels
Improve water evacuation. Narrow width at the tire edge widens the shoulder block area to enhance steering.
Stability Control Slits
Provide resistance to irregular wear. Improve dry performance by maintaining block stiffness during aggressive braking.
Advanced Autocross-Inspired Casing With Modified Radial Construction
Improves steering response and handling by optimizing the contact patch shape.