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Masato Kawabata & Hideyuki Fujino Amaze the Crowds

December 12, 2017

Masato Kawabata & Hideyuki Fujino amaze the crowds at Round 2 of the Toyota Gazoo Racing Festival at MAEPS, Serdang on November 25 & 26.


Toyo Tires were again omnipresent for the second round of the Toyota Gazoo Race Series, held at MAEPS in Serdang on November 25 & 26. Newly-crowned 2017 All-Japan D1 Drift Champion, Hideyuki Fujino of Team WISTERIA with TOYO TIRES and three-time All-Japan D1 Drift Champion and Drift World Record holder, Masato Kawabata of Team TOYO TIRES DRIFT TRUST made their presence felt among the crowds who gave the drivers an enthusiastic welcome.

Throughout the weekend Kawabata and Fujino blitzed the drift circuit with their unique brand of free-form drifting, thrilling the packed venue and filling the air with the smell of burning rubber from their tyres which withstood the punishment they were subjected to throughout both days reliably and admirably, a testament to the quality and robustness of Toyo tyres. Despite the rain, both drivers were able to extract the most out of their cars to give a great performance that was certainly enjoyed by those present.








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