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Toyo Tires become Premium Sponsor of AC Milan

April 11, 2014

Multi year agreement concluded running to 2015/2016 season

Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd. President, Akira Nobuki, announced today that an agreement has been concluded with AC Milan to become a Premium Sponsor, commencing immediately and running until June 2016.

The sponsorship contract covers the remaining games of the 2014 season commencing with their round 33 tie in the Serie A league against Catania on Sunday, April 1. Toyo Tire will remain Premium Sponsor of AC Milan throughout the 2014/2015 and 2015/2016 seasons.

Toyo Tire decided to entered into this Premium Sponsorship in a sport that boasts overwhelming international popularity to influence their global branding strategy. Their recent push for growth and management focus on strengthening the business provide an ideal platform to link with one of the worlds biggest clubs. 

AC Milan, officially 'Associazione Calcio Milano' play in Serie A, one of the superleagues that represent the very peak of football competition. A prestigious club, with an unsurpassed record in international football, AC Milan represent exactly the kind of passion and values that motivate Toyo Tires. Their all-out, aggressive style of play adds to the weight of the tradition the club has established.

Supporting this remarkable, powerful and historic,club will contribute to improving the global presence of the Toyo Tires brand and, in turn, will clarify and enhance the premium image of the products. This partnership can be expected to bring significant advantages to the Toyo Tires brand in the medium term in each market where there is impassioned support for football.

With a programme of active publicity of the partnership with AC Milan at a variety of touch points, this sponsorship of a club which is home to top athletes, will further increase brand prestige of Toyo Tires

Toyo Tire and Rubber Co., Ltd. are the first Japanese company to conclude a Premium Sponsorship deal with AC Milan.

Commenting on the partnership, the leaders of both companies welcomed the deal in the statements below.

■Barbara Berlusconi, AC Milan Vice President and Chief Executive Officer, said;
"We are delighted to welcome Toyo Tires as a premium partner of the club. Our shared values of performance and excellence lie at the heart of this relationship. It is also a Partnership which reflects the global reach of our Club and we are honoured to be working with a global brand such as Toyo. We look forward to building even stronger links with our many fans in Asia through this partnership“.

■Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd. President and CEO Akira Nobuki said;
"Companies must win the support of customers amidst fierce global competition. We wish to superimpose ourselves as a global player in the tire industry through the beloved AC Milan club, nurtured under the strict eyes of the Milanista, unforgiving of sloppy performances, and obtain a great deal of knowledge. The corporate attitude of TOYO TIRES, committed to the world, is expressed in our brand statement "driven to perform" (in pursuit of the best performance). We are honored to take this opportunity to support AC Milan, a club that conforms to our spirit, and we will share our heart as one of the many fans around the world to build a bridge of support."


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