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Team Toyo Tires has a bad day at the office

All three Team Toyo Tires racers suffered car issues on today's 1st stage.

Mechanical issues plagued Robby Gordon who finally arrived 2 hours and 8 minutes behind stage winner, Carlos Sousa in 133rd place. However, The two drivers of EV Racing didnt have a better 1st stage either. Both their Jefferies racing buggies suffered fuel supply problems slowing them down with Baldwin arriving home first 52 minutes 30 seconds behind the lead while Chicherit rolled into the bivouac having posted a time 1 hour, 18 minutes and 28 seconds from Sousa's in 114th place.

The fuel supply problems are a glitch, an irritating and costly one, but something easily recitfied. EV Racing are happy to have encountered the problem on the first, short stage, rather than in the middle of a longer stage where the result could have been disastrous. A lucky piece of bad luck for the team.

HST Gordini was fast when it was moving Guerlain Chicherit hustles his buggy

With several issues to attend to, Gordon's crew have been kept busy all night. Tomorrow promises to be a better day and having set himself the small hurdle of over two houes to overcome, expect Robby to be motoring from the start. Lets hope the racers starting in front of him have the good sense to check their rear view mirrors frequently for the fast approaching HST Gordini.

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