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Chicherit out of Dakar

Explosive end to 2014 race for Guerlain and Alex as car catches fire.

Overheating fuel has set fire to the buggy of Guerlain Chicherit and ended his Dakar for this year. Fortunately, both he and co-driver, Alex Winocq were out of the car when they discovered it was on fire. The car seemed to be running hot so they stopped and got out to check it only to discover that the car was on fire.

A hasty retreat was in order and a few minutes later, the car exploded, leaving a safe and well Guerlain and Alex to reflect on their exit from the 2014 Dakar.

Disappointent for Chicherit as they led the 4th stage at the first waypoint. However, when you walk away unscathed from an exploding car, you have to call that a lucky break.

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