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Toyo Teo+

This new generation comfort tyre combines functionality and high mileage. TOYO TEO Plus is a comfort-oriented tyre with a functional tread design. TOYO TEO Plus is designed for quiet running, high mileage and excellent wet braking.

Speed indices H and V. 13-16 inch.

3D multi-wave sipe

Reduced uneven wear Improved wet performance

Closed shoulder slits

Reduced tread pattern noise Reduced uneven wear

3 circumferential grooves

Improved water drainage
Tire Size Rim Diameter Load Speed Index
175/70 R13 13 82H
165/55 R14 14 72V
185/70 R14 14 88H
185/60 R14 14 82H
195/70 R14 14 91H
205/55 R16 16 91V

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