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Toyo DRB

TOYO DRB is a new range for the 'Balanced Performance' segment in the Ultra High Performance tyre market. TOYO DRB fits between the new Proxes T1 Sport and the new Proxes C1S, offering a balance between comfort and sports performance. The size range complements Proxes T1 Sport, allowing drivers of smaller, less focused vehicles to experience TOYO Ultra High Performance tyres.

Designed to offer 'Total Balance', TOYO DRB gives drivers outstanding handling and ride comfort.

  • Quick response to steering inputs
  • Excellent wet and dry handling and braking
  • Quiet, comfortable ride
  • Directional pattern with stylish sidewall design.

Mediate rib block

Improves dry performance

Multi-taper face

Improves aquaplaning resistance Improves dry stability

Silent wall

Decreased pattern noise

Large block & narrow slit shoulder

Improves dry grip
Lower pattern noise
Tire Size Rim Diameter Load Speed Index
185/55 R15 15 82V
195/50 R15 15 82V
205/50 R15 15 86V
195/50 R16 16 84V
195/45 R16 16 80W
205/50 R16 16 87V
215/55 R16 16 93V
205/50 R17 17 89V
205/45 R17 17 84W
205/40 R17 17 80W
215/45 R17 17 91W XL
215/45 R17 17 87W
215/40 R17 17 83W
225/45 R17 17 94W XL
215/35 R18 18 84W XL
225/40 R18 18 88W

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