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Proxes ST III

NEW  Proxes ST III has been developed as new generation Premium Urban Sport tyres for SUVs, CUVs and 4x4s. Proxes ST III has unidirectional design for both tread and sidewall with aggressive and sporty image. Not only impressive design, it also provides improved wet braking performance as an important safety feature. 

Arrowhead Taper

(Straight Stability & Wet Performance)
- High Block Stiffness and Water Drainage

Parallelogram Block

(Dry Performance)
- High Block Stiffness

Lightning Groove

(Wet Performance)
- Better Water Drainage

Silica Compound

- Superior Wet Performance

2 Carcass Piles Casing & High Hardness Bead Filler

- Excellent Handling and Stability

Joint-less Cap and Edge Ply

- High Speed Performance

High-Tensile Steel Belts

- Excellent Handling

Rim Protector

- Protects Rim from Scratching


Tire Size Rim Diameter Load Speed Index
235/60 R16 16 104V
285/60 R18 18 201V
255/50 R19 19 107V
255/50 R20 20 109V
265/50 R20 20 111V
285/50 R20 20 116V
275/40 R20 20 106W
315/35 R20 20 110W
285/35 R22 22 106W

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