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Proxes CF2 SUV

NEW Proxes CF2 SUV was developed to complement the characteristics of smaller crossover and compact SUV cars.

With a new silica traed compound, Proxes CF2 offers shorter wet braking and improved fuel economy.

Lightweight construction combines with the new compound to provide longer tire life, making Proxes CF2 the smart choice for SUVs.




Circumferential Grooves

4 Wide Grooves
- Good aquaplaning resistance

Rib Pattern

Rib Pattern
- High stability
- Excellent Braking
- Low Noise

Wide Tread

Wide Tread
- High Stabilty
- Good Tread Wear

Tread Compound

- Wear life Polymer (Green line)
- Super Active Polymer (Blue line)
- Ultra Grip Polymer (Red line)
Good wet performance and wear life with low rolling resistance

Jointless Cap Ply

Jointless Cap Ply
- High Speed Durability
- Precise Uniformity

Bead Filler

High Hardness Bead Filler
- Linear Steering Response
- Durability

Steel Belts

High Tensile Steel Belts
- Excellent Handling
- Stabilty
- Enhanced Ride Comfort


Tire Size Rim Diameter Load Speed Index
235/60 R16 16 100H
225/65 R17 17 106V XL
225/60 R17 17 99H
215/50 R18 18 92V
225/55 R18 18 98V
225/50 R18 18 95W
235/55 R18 18 100V
225/55 R19 19 99V

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