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Proxes CF2

New Proxes CF2 has been created to take advantage of the latest materials, structures and tread pattern design in order to guarantee a high level of safety, durability, savings, and comfort.

Proxes CF2 benefits from an improved tire construction and a new full-silica tread compound. The new tire has a longer tire life, better wet performance and lower fuel consumption.

Proxes CF2 is the right choice for drivers looking for a high performing and safe tire for medium and high powered cars.


Super Active Polymer Compound

Improved Rolling Resistance performance
Improved mileage

Wider Main Grooves

Excellent wet braking (Grade B)
Excellent water clearance
Enhanced aquaplaning resistance

Optimised Pattern Stiffness

Low rolling resistance
Increased mileage
Improved wet and dry braking

Shoulder Rib Block

Reduced noise


Tire Size Rim Diameter Load Speed Index
205/55 R16 16 94V XL
215/60 R16 16 95H
215/55 R16 16 93W
205/55 R17 17 95V XL
205/50 R17 17 89V
205/45 R17 17 88V XL
215/55 R17 17 94W
215/50 R17 17 95V XL
215/40 R17 17 87V XL
225/50 R17 17 98V XL
225/45 R17 17 91W
235/45 R17 17 94V

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