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NanoEnergy 3

New NanoEnergy 3 is the latest addition to the NanoEnergy range, for compact and mid-range cars. NanoEnergy products guarantee safety, durability, fuel savings and efficiency.

The third model in the NanoEnergy family benefits from an improved tire construction and a new polymer in the tread compound. Partly thanks to these, the tire has a longer tire life, better wet performance and lower fuel consumption than its predecessor.

New Tread Compound

Increased Silica and new Low Rolling Resistance Grip Polymer improves wet grip with reduced fuel consumption
Active Polymer, with improved filler dispersion provide good balance of wear life & low rolling resistance

Wide Straight Gooves with Silent Wall

Enhanced aquaplaning resistance
Reduced noise emission
Tire Size Rim Diameter Load Speed Index
165/70 R14 14 81T
165/60 R14 14 75T
185/70 R14 14 88T
195/70 R14 14 91T
195/65 R14 14 89T
145/65 R15 15 72T
165/65 R15 15 81T
175/55 R15 15 77T
185/65 R15 15 88T
185/60 R15 15 84T

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